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To provide a testbed to showcase third–generation open standards technologies capable of spanning an end-to-end, knowledge and learning object management supply chain.

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Institute for Working Futures' will work with corporate clients, partnering content developers, technology engineers, instructional designers, learning providers and research partners to:

  • Move beyond the noise, hype and expenses to foster deep understanding on how the technologies and processes can value add to learning and knowledge systems.
  • Provide proof of product and market for a complete B2B learning object knowledge exchange business model (so called 3PEL, third party e-learning model).
  • Prove a fee-for-use model is possible whereby third parties can access all the e-learning technologies and associated very low per student, per course, per annum license charge.
  • Integrate workflows for production of content into IMS (packaging, sequencing and QTI) and SCORM while maintaining accessibility and mobility requirements.
  • Liberate assessment objects from being embedded within a learning management system or a learning object/ resource/activity.
  • Uncouple content (object) and data access and reporting from proprietorial LMS technologies.
  • Integrate reporting of learning and knowledge acquisition across LMS and enterprise applications.
  • Test technology and authenticate use of podcasting for educational purposes (especially with regards use in mobile and accessible learning).
  • Automate the production, conversion and publishing of content from desktops to SCORM, QTI and thence to web or any compliant learning management.
  • Integrate content packaging, branding, labelling and recognition (qualifications) processes under appropriate quality and compliance regimes (IMS, VETADATA, SCORM and Human Capital vocabularies, ISO, AQTF and University).
  • Conduct, report and publish all projects through rigorous university-based processes (Unitas Knowledge Centre).
  • Provoke curiosity insight and acumen sufficient to accelerate enterprise adoption.